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Introduction to Essential Oils

  • (full address provided on booking) Queens Road Peckham London (map)

Plant remedies have been used by peoples all over the world for millennia and are one of nature’s most powerful support tools to support the body in healing itself.  Essential oils are a potent, natural solution that supports us in reclaiming our wellbeing and stepping away from a dependency on our medicine cabinets.

If you have an interest in natural healthcare and holistic therapies as a means to support your physical and emotional wellbeing, this will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about how these oils can be integrated into your self-care toolbox.

We will be covering:

  • A basic introduction to what essential oils actually are

  • Why they can are so supportive for our overall health and wellbeing

  • Basic application techniques

  • Benefits related to some of the common conditions that can be managed with use of oils such as colds, skin conditions, stress, anxiety, headaches, digestive issues, pain and much more

You will get the chance to smell, touch and taste a range of essential oils and there is also the opportunity to order some of your own if that feels right for you (however, the workshop itself is open to everyone and there is no commitment to make an order).